Working with an existing infrastructure, pulling old cable or installing new cable; MIGHTY LINK TELECOMM has the expertise to meet your assorted needs.

Our experience includes installation of analog, digital, HSD, Networking,  telephony and underground and aerial drop. We have worked with a variety of media including: broadband, Networking, copper, coaxial, fiber optic and twisted pair.


Many companies recognize the need for a strong customer service approach to their business, however, oftentimes forgetting that innovation is also a key factor in staying in touch with their client. Harnessing great talent in combination with using technological innovations has been the recipe for mighty link past success and future opportunities. By consistently researching how we operate today, will always ensure an even better tomorrow at Mighty link. Our goal is to deliver outstanding customer care which results in increased customer loyalty for our clients.



We are in a challenging and technically advancing business which provides our employees and contractors with the opportunity to continually grow in their career while making rewarding and fair wages. We work to create a job that makes the world a better place, allowing our employees to work towards shared goals, and doing so while operating within our core values.


Provides employee based technicians which allows us to provide a uniform approach to superior service. Our company rests on a solid foundation with clear objectives and a proper chain of command which results in our ability to properly train, educate, inform, and provide a consistent message to our employees.